and just like that…. a redemption song

For years, I have repeatedly been surprised by God. You know the kind of surprises that scream, “I’m a miracle”. The events that happen when you least expect them in ways that don’t make sense. The choices people make that you would never imagine. Moments that make you realize that giving up is never anRead more

Why I share the hard stuff…

It has been 70 days since we delivered our son and came to terms with the realization that he would not be in our arms come November. We would not hear him cry, see him smile, or see Aisley interact with him. He is gone from our temporary life here on earth and we are okay with that.Read more

Carried. The story of Amos John.

It was March 5th. Doug had recently started traveling for work each week and he was back for the weekend! One of my very best friends was visiting and we all had just run the Fresh 15 race. The day was so fun. I don’t think I stopped smiling (except for that last mile ofRead more