Why I share the hard stuff…

It has been 70 days since we delivered our son and came to terms with the realization that he would not be in our arms come November. We would not hear him cry, see him smile, or see Aisley interact with him. He is gone from our temporary life here on earth and we are okay with that.Read more

For my mom on Mother’s Day

  Mom, I know you didn’t plan things to turn out this way I wish you could understand what we go through every day I know if you could, you would take it all away You would tell me not to worry and go on with my life You would tell Dad you were sorryRead more

How I manage anxiety

As I mentioned in my last post, I have suffered from anxiety for a very long time, however, I really did not realize I had generalized anxiety until later in life. Once I was able to identify what was going on and that I did not have to always feel that way, I was fullRead more

I have anxiety but it doesn’t have me…

I remember we were in my parent’s large bed, it was dark, and I was lying on her shoulder when she first spoke words that scared me to my core. She was my protector for so long, but after that night, everything changed. She told me to be very quiet and asked if I heardRead more

The current state of things…

As of a little over a week ago, mom was still in the hospital and we had yet to hear a thing. I was getting my hair cut when my phone rang. I let it go and did not think a thing of it, but then it rang again and again… and again. There isRead more