For my mom on Mother’s Day



I know you didn’t plan things to turn out this way
I wish you could understand what we go through every day
I know if you could, you would take it all away

You would tell me not to worry and go on with my life
You would tell Dad you were sorry and that you are still his wife
You would take all of our pain and keep it as your own
Then you would worry about us and never leave us alone

I miss talking to you every day and hearing your voice
It seems like just yesterday that was a choice
Suddenly your mind was gone and I miss you so
I wish I would have known so I could let you go

Mental illness may have stolen you from me
But it cannot steal my memories
Your life was cut short and you don’t even know
Me and dad are lost with no where to go

The system is broken and life feels unfair
We cannot find a way to get you consistent care
You are not getting better
We worry it is for good
We need a miracle to heal you, if only God would

The future feels unclear
Our hearts cling to hope while our minds are gripping fear
What will happen if you do not get well
There seems to be no options
Only time will tell

You are the sweetest person I have ever known
The way you love is unconditional and true
But your illness has taken over
Your emotions can’t get through
Now we feel alone and miss the Kim we knew

Come back to us please
I beg you, I pray
I want nothing but my momma back
on this Mothers Day

One thought on “For my mom on Mother’s Day

  1. This is a beautiful poem of love to your mother from your heart. I pray you get what you are praying and hoping for in the healing of your mom.

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