and just like that…. a redemption song

For years, I have repeatedly been surprised by God. You know the kind of surprises that scream, “I’m a miracle”. The events that happen when you least expect them in ways that don’t make sense. The choices people make that you would never imagine. Moments that make you realize that giving up is never an option because WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL and miracles DO HAPPEN.

miracle- a shift in perception

~”A Course in Miracles”~

Some might not consider this story a miracle, but it certainly changed my perception. It restored a large portion of the hope that was steadily slipping out from under me. It opened my eyes to the reality that, yes, things do not and will not always go our way, but sometimes they just might. Sometimes, after years of waiting, they just might….

After my last update, mom had just been brought back to the hospital. After two years of the same thing over and over again, we expected her to be released a couple weeks later with no medicine and no change. Our hope was not gone though. Just like every other time, I told dad,, “maybe this time will be different”. “Ya baby, maybe it will,” he said…

Two weeks went by with no communication. I called multiple times, but she would not approve me to talk to anyone. I did talk to mom a few times at her request for me to call, but could get no information other than the fact that she was not taking her medication and she wanted to leave. She was too sick to have any part of a normal conversation, but one day her rumblings led me to believe that she was being taken to court by the doctor to enforce medication. At first, I assumed it was more delusions, but after talking to her a few times, I realized this just might be the break we have been praying for.

A week later, I got a call from my mom, only this time I recognized her.  It was really her. She was beginning to stabilize. In one week, she was sounding better than I had heard her sound in two years. Sure enough, the doctor did it. He took the time to fill out the paperwork. He put in the extra effort and he took her to court where the judge granted a court order for enforced medication while hospitalized. This one man’s decision literally changed everything.

It gets better. He called us and requested an in person meeting with him, the social worker, my mom, and my dad. During this meeting, he suggested that we try injections. Injections are once monthly forms of the medication. There is a much higher success rate in patients who receive them. Mom has always been scared of needles and refused them immediately every time. “I’ll do it”, she said. Just like that, she agreed to do it after years of refusing.

It gets better. The doctor so happened to practice in an out patient clinic as well, so when she was released, she got to keep him as her doctor. So now we have: medication, a compliant patient because she was given the change to become stable, and consistent follow up care with the same doctor!. What?!?!

Two weeks later she was released. It has been two months now and we still have her. The medication does have strong side effects, but of course that beats the alternative. She is with us. She is taking care of her house. She is going on walks. She is loving my dad. She is getting to see her family. She is the best we have seen her in over two years. We had Thanksgiving together.

She doesn’t remember much about the last two years and that is okay. For right now, I am focusing on creating memories for the next two years and praying we have her for that long or longer.

Believe in the unbelievable. Leave some hope in your jar and cling to it. Do your best. Trust God no matter what, and if you get a redemption song, sing at the top of your lungs.

and speaking of miracles….see you in May, baby Eden.


14 thoughts on “and just like that…. a redemption song

  1. Thank you Angie for taking the time to talk about a subject that is difficult for everyone. Keep up your golden spirit, you radiate the good in the world. I know it is hard sometimes, but I love hearing your story.

    Prayers always headed your way.

    Michelle 🙂

  2. My heart rejoices with you and your precious family!! I love following your blogs, they are so inspirational and faith building! Keep up the good work!

  3. Angie. Tears are falling down my cheeks as I rejoice in all your victories. I keep up with you through these blogs and thank you for allowing me to follow you on this journey.

  4. I’m so happy to read this update!! You are a trooper and such a doll for opening up about this topic!! God definitely answers prayers! I pray that He continues to bless your family.

  5. Angie I thank Jesus for hearing our prayers. I am so happy for you and John. I know that Kim is a lot more sedate and comfortable. Only the LORD knows how she feels and he loves Kim as his child. We must keep her in our prayers no matter what the circumstance is or how much she needs us. GOD bless you my Granddaughter, and you must always remember that Papaw loves you and your family very much !!

  6. I am so proud of you for writing your heart and hanging on to hope. I am happy for you and John to have Kim back and pray the medicine keeps helping her. Thankful for miracles.

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